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Why Acrylic Sign Boards are a good decision to have?

Acrylic Sign Boards
Acrylic Signages
Acrylic is a plastic material, which is mostly used as a substitute of glass. It makes your sign boards both readable and attractive. Perhaps, this is a major reason why it is most commonly used for signages. At Tricity Creations, you can get a premium quality Acrylic sign boards. Still, it will be quite helpful for you to know more about Acrylic signage.

Comparison between Glass and Acrylic Plastic

Lighter yet tougher, this plastic sheet has been vastly in use since the starting of the 20th Century. In fact, in the Second World War, it was used in the warplanes. Signages are one way of using acrylic. This transparent thermoplastic has good impact strength in comparison to glass. Furthermore, it even transmits more than 90% of visible light. Interestingly, the environmental stability of this plastic sheet is far better than that of other types of plastics. This makes it a perfect option for those who do not want to use plastic in the Sign boards.

Best Features of Acrylic Signages

There are certain unique things about Acrylic Sign Boards that makes it the best option for you. You may drive through below to learn more about this.
Durability – One of the most important features that you must look in any Sign board is its durability. Undoubtedly, acrylic signages have a long life and can easily last far more than your forecasts. This thick fabricated plastic has a good tensile strength and impact resistance. This ensures that it won’t get shattered or break easily.

Transparent and Visually Appealing

The optical clarity is its Unique Selling Point and it doesn’t get yellow with time. This means you can buy Acrylic Sign Boards and this will give an enticing look to your advertisement. Moreover, it is clear and is free from green tint, which is present in common glass.
Readability – One of the most important aspects of Acrylic signages is that it gives a sharp and professional look to the letters. Making them easier to read and recognizable from a distance. Even in a busy place customers will be able to read the message.


Weighing almost 50% less than glass, acrylic is easier to manage. This is one of the reasons why acrylic signages can easily get inserted on the signboards. You’ll be amused to know that due to this property, acrylic is also used in dental fillings.

Simple to install

The installation of this type of board is relatively easier due to the lightweight of acrylic. This also reduces the cost of transportation and installation for you with respect to the glass. Even the shipping of signs is cheaper, which is quite beneficial for sign makers.

Easy to Shape

Acrylic can be easily molded into any shape and size once heated to around 100 degrees. The molds used in its shaping are usually made up of wood or plastic. This also reduces the cost of its manufacturing, thereby making it the best option for manufacturers. This versatility of this product helps you in getting customized Acrylic Sign Boards.

Retain Color

The weather resistance and the retaining of colors makes it a perfect option for outdoor signs. The acrylic paints are not affected by the light and so makes it easier for the artists to try new and vibrant colors in the sign boards.

Value for Money

The Acrylic Sign Boards are affordable in price and their overall intriguing features make it cost-effective in a real sense.

Tricity Creations gives you multiple options and makes sure that you choose the one best suited for your shop, office or business.