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When its your Brand, you need the Best !!!

We are Tricity Creations, the leading Signage and Display products Experts

Lowest (Best) Price Guarantee | Best Quality Work | 5000+ Happy Clients.
We save your money. Serving Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and all of North India.

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Our Address: Level 1, Plot# 3114, Phase 2, Industrial Area, Chandigarh, 160002, INDIA.

"I spoke to atleast 6 companies before selecting Tricity Creations. The display cost me around Rs. 2300 Less. Quality is ultimate. Very friendly people. If you want no tension speak to them."
Rajat BawaBusiness Consultant, Chandigarh
"I went to their office & actually saw everything myself. Just to gain confidence. They have their own top class machines. That's why rate is also genuine. Now I get all my work done by them.
Irfan KamalHotel Manager, Panchkula
"I wanted a Glow sign done for my showroom. Frankly did not know anything about it. My friend recommended Tricity Creations. They helped me with practical suggestions and the results are excellent".
Pooja SainiSaloon Owner, Mohali
"For me technology has to be latest. Knowledge about what are the new techniques is what made me choose Tricity Creations. The display boards & print work we got done has highly impressed everyone in office"
Sapna S KumarAdmin Officer, MNC, Baddi

Why Tricity Creations?

Best Service at the Best Price Guarantee!!!

Experience : We are in this business for more than 25 years and have delivered more than 5000 assignments. So we've got loads of practical experience. We'll not only deliver your requirements but also give you some very useful suggestions to improve the overall output.

Quality : Most of our clients are our repeat customers, that says a lot about the quality standards we maintain. No compromise ever on quality.

Cost : We offer you the best price. We have our own state of art machinery, so we are not a middleman. This lets us give you very affordable (low) price as compared to any other.

Latest Technology : We are in tune with the times and use the latest innovations and technology available.

End to End Solution : We are your one stop for all printing and signage needs. So whatever you need, we have it all in-house.

We also do Corian Cutting & Engraving | MDF Jalli Cutting | Portrait Printing | Acrylic Laser Cutting | Customized Wall Clocks | Leather Printing | Reflective Vinyl Printing | Advertising Display | Glow in the Dark Printing | CANVAS Printing | Name Plate Engraving | Digital Print Advertising & more......

Boost your Brand with Tricity Creations

It is said, ”First impression is the last impression.” The importance of visual impressions on customers by a business cannot be stressed enough. A business can impress its customers through effective messaging and signage. Its kind of the nameplate of an enterprise. We are your business promotions partner near you.

In this competitive market, it's essential for a business to build its brand. One of the ways of brand building is effective signboards and up market printed stuff.
Tricity Creations helps you build your brand with an assortment of products to fulfill your business needs. Click on the respective header to read more.

LED Boards, Display Boards and Signs

LED bulbs comprise Light Emitting Diodes. These signs are created using numerous small bulbs (LEDs). Electric display boards using LEDs for shops and offices have become very popular in recent times. The reason being that these bulbs are energy efficient and long-lasting. Tricity Creations enables you to create signage using LED bulbs which are rugged and visible even during daylight.

ACP Sign Boards and Signages

ACP stands for Aluminum composite panel. It is a flat type of panel comprising thin aluminum sheets bound to an aluminum core. Tricity Creations offers its clients a variety of ACP signages. Our signages are lightweight, durable, weather resistant. Our ACP signages can be easily customized to take any form of advertising display as per the client’s requirements.

Acrylic Sign Boards and Signages

Acrylic is basically strong thick fabricated plastic. It holds the benefit that it can accommodate any kind of manufacturing technique. This allows the business to have any kind of look they want. Tricity Creations are makers of unique signages by molding acrylic to required shape or size as per the needs of the business. We also offer our clients the option of etching, overlaying or printing the design on the signboard.

Flex Signs

Flex signage is another one of our popular products. We offer our clients customized flex signs. These are sturdy, can be used outdoors as they are weather resistant. We provide high-quality signages with lasting colours and resistant to regular wear and tear.

Vinyl Signs

These are printed banners on a vinyl base material. These days printing is done using large format digital inkjet printers. Large Format Vinyl banners are widely used for promoting the logo of a company, promotional events, trade shows, etc. We design creative vinyl signs, which draw the attention of the audience outdoors.

3D Signboards

Add the third dimension to your signboards which sets you apart with our 3D signboards. We offer our clients 3D letters in various colours, sizes, and material. Choose the one that suits your style. Create unique signboards and enhance the visibility of your enterprise. Andthe obvious result- better engagement!

Reception Signs

Your office reception is the first look of your business. It is a silent statement of your business. Your vendors, clients, and employees will all form an opinion about your enterprise based on it. We at Tricity Creations realize the significance of your reception signs. We create and showcase the true worth of your business through our exclusive signboards.

Directional Signs

Tricity Creations has years of experience in designing directional signs. We have numerous templates to choose from. Additionally, we can create customized signs for your event. We can design these signs even for functions such as family gatherings, weddings, etc. to help direct your guests towards the parking, event venue, etc. We also create directional signs for airports, corporate events, so that you can showcase as required.

Digital Printing, Vinyl Printing and Screen Printing

Get your business noticed with quality digital vinyl printing by Tricity Creations. We offer both Indoor and Outdoor digital printing for small and large format graphics. Our vinyl prints are weather resistant and therefore are the best option for banners, shop fronts signage, and outdoor display advertising. We offer our clients a choice of colours for their signage.

Customized Wallpaper Printing

When you want your décor to stand out, one of the simplest means is using wallpaper. Tricity Creations understands that each client has his own idea of enhancing his interiors. So we offer you customized wallpaper printing. Impart your interior a trendy look with our customized wallpapers!

Offset Printing

It is a printing technique in which images on metallic plates are transferred to rubber blankets and then to print media. It is ideal for mass production of printing. Tricity Creations uses offset printing techniques to print a variety of materials such as canvas, wood, cloth, etc.

Besides these, we offer the following services for your varied applications:

MDF Jaali Cutting

Tricity Creations offers its clients cutting of metallic or perforated sheets to create distinct designs to enhance the beauty of the interiors. We provide you customized designs according to your event. Make your occasion mesmerizing with our jali cutting services.

Corian Cutting and Laser Engraving

Corian is a material that imparts a marble-like look yet can be processed easily. Additionally, it can be moulded and thermoformed. It also offers seamless joining. Tricity Creations offers you the services of Corian cutting and engraving to have the most exclusive interiors.

Acrylic Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of acrylic offers you a myriad of options for illuminated advertisement, signboards, the point of sales displays, etc. This process creates shiny, polished edges. Tricity Creations is adept at the art of acrylic laser cutting, providing its clients products using this technology to suit their needs.

Customized Wall Clocks

Customized wall clocks work as a great gifting idea. You can use it as a corporate gift by incorporating your company logo on it or use some innovative idea for customization. You can gift it to employees and clients. Customized wall clocks can also be gifted to your loved ones. Tricity Creations converts your ideas into exclusive customized wall clocks. We help you create a memorable gift!

Portrait Painting

Looking for a perfect portrait? Your search ends at Tricity Creations! We create true to life portraits of our subjects. You only live once, why not make your life enchanting with a portrait that reflects your true personality! If you have the inclination, we will fulfill your dream!

Leather Painting

Avail quality leather painting services from Tricity Creations. We paint your leather articles including furniture, imparting it a luxurious lustrous appearance. Our paints are both well absorbed and long-lasting.

Reflective Vinyl Painting

Tricity Creations also offers you options for reflective vinyl painting for any surface you desire. We use quality spray painting for evenly coating the surface. Reflective vinyl painting uses microbead technology that intensifies and reflects back the light. This produces excellent nighttime visibility. It works as an ideal solution for highlighting potential hazards, objects, signs, etc. around your home or work site.

Glow in the Dark Painting

Do you want your painting to be luminous in the dark? Then opt for glow in the dark painting services by Tricity Creations. We offer you glow in the dark paintings using high-quality paints that are long-lasting. Make an impact on your audience with our ‘Glow in the Dark Painting’.

Canvas Printing

The best way to showcase a small-sized original oil or acrylic painting in a stretched format is through canvas printing. Tricity Creations provides canvas printed images of sizes desired by clients for various applications. Whether you are looking for canvas printing of stock images or personal photographs, we can do it all for you!

With such a blend of products and services, we can design the signages, paintings, etc. for any business. We provide our users, products with a vintage touch or a modern look as required. Our products are created using the latest technologies providing you great finish. We design customized products according to the needs of the business. We offer a wide range of colour schemes to choose from. Our graphics team is well experienced to cater to the unique demands of our clients. We are adept at using a variety of material for creating signages.

We pride ourselves in creating quality products at pretty affordable rates!

Frontlit and Backlit Sign Printing

These are basically signboards in which the letters are illuminated from both the front and back ends. Illumination on both ends makes these signs striking. We create frontlit and backlit signs that attract the attention of the onlookers in the area. We offer you a wide array of lettering of different colours to choose from. Use our frontlit and backlit signs to enhance the visibility of your business.

Logo Designing

A logo is the ‘face’ of your company. Your customers identify your brand through your logo. It should be designed so that it stands out. It should also leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. We understand the significance of a logo for a business. We use colour schemes, lettering and graphics to create unique logo designs to identify your brand.

3D Projects and Presentations

The presentation is the selling point in most cases. You may be better than a competitor at your job, but it's how you present your project to your client that will make all the difference. We, at Tricity Creations fully understands the importance of this fact and helps you design 3D presentations that will flaunt your capabilities to your clients. We will help you design presentations that are tangible, convincing and believable.

Wooden Signs and Signages

Wooden signages have been used since a long time. However, the technology used to create the signboards has evolved over the years. Although signboards are still handcrafted, letters and graphics can now be engraved, embossed, painted, etc. Wood is available in a variety of types and finishes to choose from. These signboards can be elegant, modern, charming and bold all at the same time. We design flawless wooden signboards that have a long life and compact design.

Display Printing and Display Stands

When you participate in an event or trade show, your aim is that your booth should attract the maximum attention. In order to do this, you require effective display at your stand. You will need good display stand with excellent graphics even for your retail. We offer our clients a wide range of floor and counter displays. We provide our clients choice of display stands for indoor and outdoor use or as per the specifications. We use the latest techniques for printing for display banners/booths. Our display stands enhance the visibility of your stall resulting in better customer engagement.


Backdrops accentuate a background on a stage during a play. Tricity Creations has an exclusive collection of backdrops made on a variety of materials such as muslin or canvas. We provide you backdrops which are created such that they add a unique flavor to your scene. If you are a photographer, you can opt for our backdrops to highlight your background. You can place your subject against it and create rather magical effects.
With such a blend of products and services, we can design the signages for any business. We provide our users signboards with a vintage touch or a modern look as required. We offer a wide range of colour schemes to choose from. Our graphics team is well experienced to cater to the unique demands of any client. We are adept at using a variety of material for creating signages.

For effective signboards that enhance your visibility and build engagement, avail the services of Tricity Creations today!!!